Full Install Setup


6 years ago

Set up the full web app using the installer… Remember the first steps, to upload the files to your clients server, are the same as in video 1 and/or 2 for the demo tool install – The only difference being the folders you are uploading, now called ‘upload’ for the ftp method (video 1) or ‘upload.zip’ for the cpanel method (video 2). Also note you are adding the contents of the upload folder, not the upload folder itself since we will have prepared a folder called ‘m’ or ‘mobile’ on our clients server to accommodate this mobile web app.

As with the demo tool, if this is too much then let us do it for you! We offer a fully confidential ‘Your client will never know’ install service for only $19.95 – All we need is the hosting access info for your client, plus the license code you wish to use, we can then do the database, file upload and install for you. Please click the blue button below to purchase, after which you will be returned to a form to submit the required information so that we can do this for you. * Make sure you have purchased a valid install license via the ‘Welcome’ page before you order this service 🙂 Help!

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